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Top 12 Dynasty TE Rankings - Episode 12

Will John, Kevin, and Garrett start off the pod by engaging in a heated debate over the top dynasty TE. Find out which TE reigns supreme in our consensus expert rankings. The guys break down the remainder of the top 12 TE talent/situations/contract details and consider starting a GoFundMe for one TE down in the dumps. Finally, they finish the episode by discussing a fan's team and what they should do next.

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Shady/Bell Buzz and Dynasty Trade Strategy - Episode 11

Will John, Kevin, and Garrett discuss the recent LeSean McCoy and Le'Veon Bell news and how that impacts their NFL futures/dynasty impact. Find out who is accused of being a dynasty double-wrapper (i.e. playing it too safe). The guys finish out the second half of the episode by detailing trade logic/strategy, their personal thought processes, and effectively communicating with fellow owners.

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