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Top 12 Dynasty WR Rankings - Episode 9

Fantasy Juke is lining up out wide this episode as they run a "9 route" to score big with a breakdown of the top 12 Dynasty WR rankings. Listen in as their #3 Dynasty WR may surprise you. One Jukester gets emotional as his boy gets dogged and he doesn't back down. Finally, they end the episode with a bit of WR Dis or Dat.

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Startup Superflex Draft - Episode 6

Kevin, Will John, and Garrett chat about their recent Superflex Startup Draft and analyze the draft, some draft pick selections, and their teams. TRADE ALERT: Adam Thielen and two startup draft pick trades. Additionally, find out which Jukester has a change in heart over his rookie QB rankings and who "homer-ed" the draft. Finally, they end the episode by discussing their drafted teams, of which, Twitter declares a victor.

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