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2018 Season HOT TAKES!!! - Episode 13

Fantasy Juke serves up an episode of all HOT TAKES that you have yet to hear anywhere else! The episode starts with news and notes, featuring Josh Gordon - inducing anxiety in all fantasy owners. Thereafter, be sure to drink plenty of ice cold water to cool you down throughout the episode and prevent the heat exhaustion after hearing our experts smoking hot player/team takes!

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Top 12 Dynasty WR Rankings - Episode 9

Fantasy Juke is lining up out wide this episode as they run a "9 route" to score big with a breakdown of the top 12 Dynasty WR rankings. Listen in as their #3 Dynasty WR may surprise you. One Jukester gets emotional as his boy gets dogged and he doesn't back down. Finally, they end the episode with a bit of WR Dis or Dat.

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